Quality Management

A workflow based quality management system drives accountability and facilitates continuous improvement

Whatever industry you are in, a robust quality management system will help drive a culture of accountability and continuous improvement within your organization. Particularly relevant in heavily regulated industries like Nuclear, Oil & Gas, and Construction, there are many off-the-shelf quality management systems out there. Often, a Quality Management program is audited as part of compliance, whether it be ISO, Z299, or another standard. Off-the-shelf software simply may not be compliant with your audited, approved Quality Management program. Our custom tailored solutions will work the way your business already does; no need to change things up to conform to a new piece of software.


A workflow driven quality management system will foster a culture of accountability within your organization by ensuring that responsibility is clearly delegated, and that nothing falls through the cracks.

Continuous Improvement

If an organization don't learn from its mistakes, it will most certainly repeat them. How does an organization effectively and efficiently document issues and track corrective actions? How can the loop be closed? Many organizations start with burdensome paper based processes (or a collection of Word files) for issue and action tracking. Typically, spreadsheets and homespun Access databases make up the next level of complexity. But to truly capture this information, we recommend using a simple, structured database. It should have a widely accessible web based front end and insightful graphical dashboards that will allow thorough analysis and understanding of all issues and resulting required actions.

Comprehensive Trending & Analytics

Our systems empower management with powerful metrics; learn from organization trends and make fact-based decisions to correct underlying causes. Trending based on cause codes and issue types can often reveal valuable insights and help prevent more severe issues.

Training Compliance Management

How does your organization answer the question: What is our overall training compliance?

Organizations are often required to ensure that their employees' training are current and up to date across multiple, disconnected platforms. Training records must be maintained in a Health and Safety system, the corporate ERP, and in some cases even in a client's training management system. Missing an expiring credit or certification can lead to unpleasant conversations, unhappy clients, or in some cases even audit findings and financial penalties.

Consolidated Training Records

Our training management solutions sit between multiple training management systems, ingest records from those systems, and present a holistic view of your organization's training compliance. Rather than trying to piece together fragmented, disjointed training data, our training management system will consolidate the data into a single source of truth.

Efficient Training Data Input

Training data can be input manually or ingested automatically if the existing systems provide the necessary feeds. Often, older corporate systems are not web-enabled, or are not externally accessible. Our systems can easily ingest CSV or XLSX exports from any system, aggregating data from multiple systems, eliminating hours of manual data collation.

Automatic Compliance Notifications

Ensure that "I didn't know" is never a valid excuse in your organization. Proactively notify employees of upcoming expiry or renewal deadlines based on adjustable thresholds. Daily reminders or weekly digest emails will ensure that all employees have an up-to-date picture of their individual training compliance. Escalate to management if training is still outstanding within a given threshold, ensuring that critical training issues are never a surprise again.

Market Recovery/Stabilization

Simplify fund management and discover opportunities for future work

Effectively managing a Market Recovery (also known as Market Stabilization) fund is an important part of a Union Local's fiduciary duties to the membership. How much money is in the fund? Is there enough to cover commitments? Which non-union contractors are most consistently winning projects at the Local's expense? Our tailor made Market Recovery Systems will help you answer these questions.


How much time is spent administering the fund? Answering questions from contractors, and fielding last minute applications can be extremely time consuming. Many funds are inundated with communication requests, which are spread across email, phone calls, and even faxes. A custom built, web-based Market Recovery solution will streamline data input and communication with contractors. Provided with their own secure login, contractors are able to check on the status of applications and payments, greatly reducing time spent administering the fund.


Many Market Recovery systems are run on spreadsheets or paper. Applications are often filled out by hand, or on PDFs, and then submitted via email. Records of approved applications are often lines in a spreadsheet or files in a filing cabinet. Simple questions like like "What is the total amount the fund has committed to pay" are often difficult to answer. Our Market Recovery system is the answer. Automated validation of contractor input and robust workflows will ensure that data is accurate and reliable. Total committed amounts and total amount paid will be automatically calculated and updated live. Centralizing all Market Recovery records in a single comprehensive database ensures that the an accurate picture of the health of the fund is always available at your fingertips.

Comprehensive Trending & Analytics

Generating reports and insights from a traditional Market Recovery system is a labourious process involving many spreadsheets, and lots of manual calculation. When reports are generated, there is no guarantee that they are produced consistently, and often by the time they are produced they are already out of date. The live dashboards and reporting in our Market Recovery system ensure that an accurate snapshot of the health of your Market Recovery fund is always available at your fingertips. Additional reports allow for deep management insights into the overall performance of your fund, and in the long term will lead to more effective and efficient use of the funds.

Apprentice Management

A web-based apprenticeship management system increases efficiency and drives member engagement

Apprenticeship is a cornerstone of the trades. A well designed Apprentice Training Management program will ensure that your trade is producing the most highly skills apprentices in the industry. Effectively tracking the progress of Apprentices through their training, and allowing those apprentices to track their own progress, are important features of any Apprenticeship Management System.

Efficient Program Management

Like so many processes that have been around for ages, often administering the Apprenticeship program is complex, and inefficient, with many hands touching many pieces of manual work. Records are stored in many different locations and multiple formats, and performing the simplest tasks can be arduous and time consuming. Inputting training records into a simple, easy-to-use system will eliminate many time-consuming manual processes and centralize all records in a single database.

Consolidated Reporting

Pulling everything together in once place will eliminate guesswork and reduce time wasted. Apprentices will be able to monitor and track their own training, reducing calls to the local for simple questions about outstanding courses. Live reports present a bird's eye view of the training program, helping to identify bottlenecks and areas requiring additional oversight.

Enhanced Member Experience

Our cloud-based Apprentice Management systems provide members with easy access to their own apprenticeship records. E-mail notifications automate the communication process with members. Credit information, expiry dates, and card re-prints are available in real time. This will encourage continuous engagement, while driving responsibility and personal accountability.

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