Case Studies

Black & McDonald Action Tracking

A robust cloud based work based management system for web and mobile

BMAT (Black & McDonald Action Tracking) is a custom software system developed to manage and track corrective actions through their full lifecycle – from initiation to closure. BMAT was built as a responsive web-based application to allow for device-independent and location-independent access from a dispersed workforce.

“Avatara Software did an outstanding job at asking the right questions and carefully listening to us, to fully understand what our needs were. The project was carried out with a high degree of professionalism and technical expertise. We were on a very tight timeline and strict budget. Avatara delivered both on time and on budget. BMAT has allowed us to redefine one of our key business processes, and gain analytical insight into our integrated work program.”

Randy Leavitt, Senior Advisor, Black & McDonald

A Business Opportunity

Black & McDonald – a multi-trade prime contractor serving government, utilities, and industry in Canada and internationally – was looking to leverage modern web-based and mobile technology to improve their work management processes. Specifically, they were looking to address the logistical and management challenges associated with tracking corrective actions through to completion. Our technological expertise and business acumen made us the ideal partner.

A Robust Technological Solution

We worked closely with key players on the Black & McDonald Regional team to truly understand the nature of the business problem – and shape the form of the web-based solution. Utilizing an agile development cycle, we worked through multiple software iterations until reaching a final product that met all the client's needs. As much of the data was highly sensitive, we implemented robust security and encryption measures to ensure Black & McDonald and their clients were protected moving forward.

A Strong Ongoing Relationship

After a successful deployment, we are continuing to support the ongoing use of the system so that Black & McDonald can realize maximum benefits. A long-term support relationship ensures that the software can continue to be adapted to meet changing business needs and expanded to capitalize on new opportunities.

The St. Royals Lounge

An elegant and powerful customer relationship management system for web and mobile

The St. Royals Lounge is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Built from the ground up for a dynamic small business, this application was designed as a web-based application optimized for mobile devices.

"Jeff and Fletcher at Avatara Software have been a tremendous help with a customized web-app solution that has let me completely scale my business. We had several face-to-face meetings and phone meetings during the discovery process, which assured me that I had a great team with Avatara. The process was hands on from the start, which let me stay completely in the loop during the development. They were also very quick to recommend solutions and to suggest overall tweaks and fixes to the original concept, which I am grateful for. The final product is a clean, slick, flexible and intuitive web-app that will serve my business' growth for many many years to come. The support since the launch has been great as well."

Andrew St. Royal, Founder, The St. Royals

A unique business with unique needs

A growing live event music business approached us with a high level concept for an ambitious business management application. With demand for their services growing rapidly, their existing spreadsheet based workflow systems were keeping them from taking their business to the next level.

Let's meet over coffee

Through multiple iterations, and over several in person meetings, we crafted a robust application — that provides a multiplatform web front end linked to a comprehensive backend database. Our frequent, in person meetings gave the client a chance to be a part of the solution development process, ensuring greater satisfaction with the final product.

Outstanding support

We worked closely with the client to support the transition to the new system and promptly address any questions that arose. A comprehensive support agreement provides a sense of security moving forward, and ensures business continuity.

EPSCA Connect

Cloud based labour relations management system

EPSCA Connect is a management tool that enables the Electrical Power Systems Construction Association (EPSCA) to effectively track projects, and communicate this information to member organizations.

"We brought on the team at Avatara Software to help us develop a project database system – our board, members and staff have been blown away with the results! In particular, the beautiful, real-time dashboards are an absolute pleasure to use. Avatara has the rare combination of front-line industry knowledge and cutting-edge software skills. I would recommend them without hesitation!"

Alex Lolua, General Manager, EPSCA

An Opportunity to Leverage Technology

The Electrical Power Systems Construction Association negotiates and administers construction trade collective agreements with 18 building trades on behalf of 100+ member employers performing construction industry work for the Ontario bulk electrical system. EPSCA approached Avatara Software for assistance with the development of a technological solution to enhance storage and communication of project jurisdictional assignments. Our industry experience and agile development process made us the ideal technology partner.

A User-Friendly Solution

Working closely with EPSCA leadership, we developed EPSCA Connect – a user-friendly, visually stunning, web-based database system. Project markups are uploaded and stored in the system by EPSCA staff. Attractive real-time dashboards/reports allow for the automatic consolidation and presentation of information to board members. Remote access for member organizations and their employees allows for seamless communication with the membership.

A Successful Launch and Ongoing Partnership

After a successful launch, EPSCA has received outstanding feedback from both internal staff and the external membership. A strong ongoing partnership between EPSCA and Avatara Software has allowed us to provide enhanced features as new needs have surfaced.


A concise and intuitive resource planning system for the company network

Suite is a custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) application. Developed for a large apartment complex, Suite addresses the daily, monthly and annual management needs of a large resident client base.

"Avatara Software delivered an outstanding level of service and helped transform our business. They worked closely with us to ensure the new system was an excellent fit for our needs and employees. We've been using Suite as part of our daily routine for four years now with great success."

Ray, Administrator, Faith Place

A pressing business problem

Faced with growing managerial challenges stemming from increasingly stringent digital reporting requirements, an apartment complex reached out to us for help. Existing pen and paper business practices were resulting in significant pain points and jeopardizing key business agreements with partner organizations.

Satisfaction through collaboration

After conducting several consultation sessions, we worked closely with the client through multiple iterations to quickly refine the vision of the final software solution. Our collaborative, agile development process ensured that all of the organization's needs were fully met.

A smooth transition

Upon completion of the software solution an employee training session was arranged and comprehensive product documentation delivered. Our on-going support of the application ensures that the client is able to adapt to changing business needs, while providing business continuity security.

We take pride in our work and stand behind our deliverables.

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